English Thesis

How to do sustainable marketing in the Fashion Industry without becoming anxious ?

This thesis is about the issue that the fashion industry meets in an ecological way.

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The thesis’ idea…

If you follow my life, you know a little bit about my background. After several years in graphic design and marketing, I decided to go back to school and have a specialization in digital marketing. I then decided to finish my MBA with an international scope: I flew to New-York.

It’s with a lot of questions in my mind that I spend a few months in the USA, just before the Covid pandemic that made me come back in emergency (but don’t worry NYC: I’ll be back!). To finish this master’s degree, I had to write a thesis in English and it was unthinkable not to speak about ecology in my marketing statements. I then defined a market for my research, the fashion industry, which is one of the most polluting in the world, but it is also a market that I am very passionate about.

I hope that you will be sensitive to this passion in this work. In particular, towards this desire to change things thanks to new ways of manufacturing, consuming and thinking. Some of them are now proving their success on a more or less big scale. Although I start with a pessimistic observation, my thesis contains a lot of optimism and positivity for the future of marketing, but also for our own and that of our future generations.

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Thesis’s summary

Executive summary.


Chapter 1 : Statement of the ecology nowadays regarding the Fashion Industry.

I. The impact of mass consumption on the environment.

  1. Ecology regarding the environmental aspect.
  2. Ecology regarding the economical aspect.
  3. Ecology regarding the political aspect.
  4. Ecology regarding the social aspect.

II. The dark side of the marketing and its negative impacts.

  1. The praise of perfection and retouching.
  2. Between influence and manipulation.
  3. Consequences of frenzy marketing in the Fashion industry.
  4. Ambivalent marketing speeches.

Chapter 2 : Towards a more sustainable world in the short and long term regarding the Fashion industry?

I. These impacting lifestyle-changing behaviors.

  1. Genuine social change.
  2. The adoption of reuse and new technologies for the benefit of the environment.
  3. Towards environmentally friendly textiles and manufacturing processes
  4. Awareness of ethical and sustainable consumption.

II. The rise of green marketing in the fashion industry.

  1. Towards new ways of producing.
  2. Towards new ways of consuming.
  3. Towards new ways of communicating.

Chapter 3 : Green marketing in Fashion industry : success-stories.

I. Fashion start-ups and ecology.

  1. Root values at Veja.
  2. Provocation and disruption in the style of Le Slip Français.
  3. Authenticity and proximity at Sézane.

II. Eco-friendly fashion industry and eco-luxury.

  1. Revisit its supply-chain towards eco-luxury.
  2. Local production in Luxury Fashion.
  3. Ethical collaborations that work.

Chapter 4 : Determining the success factors.

I. Successful ethical marketing strategies in Fashion industry.

  1. What tools and techniques have been used to be credible and legitimate in the field of ecological fashion?
  2. Why these messages and designs have made their mark.

II. What is anticipated for the future of ethical marketing in the Fashion industry?

  1. Success in implementing new behaviors regarding a sustainable way of consumption.
  2. Forecasting of Ethical Marketing in the Fashion Industry.




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